Automated Publishing solutions Whatever you wish to publish, across whichever platform or media you choose, Wave2 software allows you to easily create and control corporate communications in-house. Our multi-channel publishing, marketing and advertising solutions make it easy to inform and engage current customers and to attract a brand new audience as well

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Wave2 empowers companies to transition traditional business models and replace them with dynamic, automated solutions that significantly cut production costs as well as generate new revenue streams. Using state of the art technology, Wave2’s solutions embrace web, mobile and print and come supplied with a comprehensive suite of integration tools that allow for seamless integration within existing IT infrastructures.
Self Service Advertising Solutions for Online and Print
Used by some of the world’s largest corporate brands and publishers, as well as smaller regional newspapers and websites, Wave2 is a world leader in the automation of publishing and advertising content.

Fully cross-platform enabled, our products include EasyBuild for automating advertising creative and business collateral; AdPortal for self-service advertising sales; and MarketPlace as a classified and trade services listings engine. All are powered by the scaleable Wave2 Publishing Platform, a rich media engine and creative platform that is the foundation of our entire product range.

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