Automated Publishing solutions Whatever you wish to publish, across whichever platform or media you choose, Wave2 software allows you to easily create and control corporate communications in-house. Our multi-channel publishing, marketing and advertising solutions make it easy to inform and engage current customers and to attract a brand new audience as well

Our Partners

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APS provide intelligent IT solutions to the print media publishing sector. Based in Australia, APS is a globally focused company with approximately 200 systems in place across the world, ranging from publications such as the Daily Telegraph and The Australian right through to The Chronicle in Wangaratta and Mountain Scene in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Large or small, all of our clients are equally valued. We pride ourselves on supplying practical, effective and reliable products designed to meet a broad range of publishers' needs, that include advertising booking systems, ad placement and pagination software and live edition management.

Whether you are publishing one title per week, or several major publications per day, talk to the only truly advanced solutions provider dedicated to your industry.

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INTEGRATION X is a Danish software house specializing in workflow solutions for newspapers and magazines. Our mission is to provide the highest level of automation of workflow processes and to provide the best possible service to our customers.

By integrating advanced technology with processes throughout the workflow, our software solutions radically boost efficiency, improve quality and allow more time for meeting tight deadlines - while at the same time cutting production costs and maximizing profitability.

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5 fifteen Ltd has been supplying software systems and consultancy services to the publishing industry for over 15 years. The company specialises in the area of advertisement booking and has a long history of working with the magazine sector.

ad DEPOT, its browser based ad booking system, provides publishers worldwide with straightforward software solutions which support the critical business processes of sales, marketing and order fulfilment.

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Adobe are the industry leaders in graphical design and layout software. Adobe products allow users to create print and digital experiences more efficiently than ever before. Wave2 use InDesign as the creative tool for designing templates and styles and then harness the power of the InDesign layout software to automatically build a document.

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North Plains is recognized as the world leader in helping companies effectively leverage their visual media contentthrough images, photos, videos, 3D designs, and others to maximize market success. Providing a complete array of products, services and solutions, we are uniquely positioned to help corporate marketers, advertisers, content creators and publishers to be more agile in the creative development process and management and distribution of marketing and brand communications. Customers can maintain control of their visual assets and support processes globally, while improving collaboration and efficiency.

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At ppi Media we believe in publishing. Since 1984, we deliver solutions to newspaper publishers to increase profits and reduce cost. Over 5000 daily editions are produced with our production workflow. Our digital publishing suite enables publishers to monetize online and mobile easily and increase margins in display advertising sales. Our media-neutral editorial solution helps the newsroom to produce innovative products timely throughout the process of news gathering, layout and content creation

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Atex is the largest and longest-serving provider of software solutions and services to the global media industry, with a 35-year history of continuous innovation and commitment to quality. Atex has created the broadest digital advertising and editorial content management and multimedia software delivery capability in the world. The company has nearly $1 billion USD worth of software installed worldwide at 800+ customer sites in more than 40 countries.

In addition to its significant R&D investment, Atex partners with world-leading with world-leading complementary solutions providers to enhance integration and Web services development. Providing professional, long-term support through a global network of strategically located regional offices, Atex is headquartered in Reading, UK.

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Miles 33 is a global software and solutions provider for the Publishing and Media markets. With over 30 years of experience, Miles 33 is one of the largest and longest serving providers to these industries. The current generation of solutions are designed to manage multi-media content and cover all aspects of Advertising, Editorial, Internet and Digital Asset Management to help publishers increase their revenues whilst lowering costs and improving productivity. Miles 33 has offices in Berkshire, England; Connecticut, Florida & California, USA; Victoria, Australia; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Milan, Italy and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Media Systems Ltd design and supply complete solutions covering all aspects for: Ad Booking systems, CRM, Accounts Receivable, Editorial, Web Services, Page Planning, Reporting and Production. Media Systems Ltd recognise their customers' needs and strive to deliver quality customer service and technical support at all times and have licensed Wave2 technology to enhance their proven and successful product range.

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Founded in 1996, Claranet has evolved as an organisation - from helping customers get their business online to now offering a whole suite of managed networks and hosting services. Whatever your business, we offer unique solutions that can be mixed and matched to suit your IT needs and the demands of your business. Whether you’re looking for a reliable and secure email service, are streaming video content on your website, or want to host large-scale mission-critical online applications, perhaps with a need for PCI DSS compliance, we can provide the resources and technology to deliver the right solution

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