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Wave2 Media Solutions Launches Adportal Cloud

A fully managed and cost effective Self Service Advertising Solution

Based upon the highly successful Wave2 AdPortal, which is globally recognised as one of the leading newspaper self‐service advertising solutions, AdPortal Cloud encapsulates the essential functions of its namesake but is delivered in a packaged form, and is operated as a complete service.

CAdPortal Cloud is a low cost, pre‐configured, hosted service which enables a simple and fast implementation for self‐service advertising that will drive an early return on investment.

Wave2 make it easier for you to grow your digital and print advertising revenues cost effectively and efficiently by providing a comprehensive and scalable white‐label AdPortal that supports multiple verticals of advertising including; private and trade classifieds, trade display and family announcements.

Guiding the customer through the sales process in a simple and straight‐forward manner, and with the minimum of steps, AdPortal Cloud makes the user experience easy and logical. At the same time, the advertiser is encouraged to make his own decisions to spend more of his budget to achieve the best results possible.

AdPortal Cloud is very well suited for small to medium sized newspaper and magazine publishers as well as those larger organisations looking to provide a self‐service offering for the first time. AdPortal Cloud is powered by the highly scalable Wave2 Publishing Platform making it suitable for single websites and publications, through to enterprise‐level multi‐channel advertising operations.

This new packed version of AdPortal is designed to be implemented and live in less than 4 weeks. The set‐up burden on the publisher is minimal by virtue of the system having pre‐configured categories, classifications, workflows and being pre‐populated with templates. Title, deadline, pricing and packages details are all easily configured using a simple spreadsheet option.”

For all media organisations, including national and regional newspapers, as well as magazine publishers, AdPortal Cloud assists in transitioning traditional advertising models and replaces them with a dynamic self‐service advertising solution that has been proven to significantly raise ad revenue.

AdPortal Cloud is the most complete self service advertising solution available in the market today; it removes the boundaries between various media channels and supports the multi‐channel strategies of media and publishing companies in today’s market.

If you are a publisher looking for a state‐of‐the‐art, fully automated self‐service advertising solution that embraces web, print and mobile, AdPortal Cloud is the perfect choice.