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Wave2 moves into 2013

We completed our 6th full year in business in 2012 and continue to be thankful for our customers and the support they have provided over the years. We enjoyed increases in every aspect of our business from the number of customers to the number of URLs, which is now over 200.

We are proud to announce that we completed development and have launched iPublish Marketplace, a digital search and display solution for advertising content.

We released our AdPortal to Google’s DART for Publishers (DFP) Premium Interface. AdPortal will now be able to offer packages that take full advantage of DFP’s targeting and inventory management capabilities for both web and mobile campaigns. With the DFP interface in place, we’re beginning to see a resurgence of the small business retail category which started Wave2 six years ago.

In this newsletter we’re highlighting just a few of the more noteworthy implementations from 2012. As newspapers continue to look for new ways to grow their ad revenue Wave2 continues to innovate and deliver world-class solutions that positively impact many aspects of ad operations not just self-serve for display advertising. Now more than ever, Wave2 is better positioned to provide e-commerce order entry solutions that are supported by the industry’s most advanced self-service publishing technology.

Top Ten for 2012 - A Year in Review

The Houston Chronicle Expands

- Having successfully offered a selfservice real estate portal to agents over the last three years, Houston broadened their reach with a banner ad program for brokers. In addition to open house and featured ads, agents can now build and schedule ads to run in their broker’s corporate- branded ads. Once the agent logs in, AdPortal delivers their listings dynamically and uses the listing content to build the ad for them. Utilizing iPublish AdPortal’s multi- step workflow, the broker’s admin logs into at deadline and flows the already composed ads into the broker’s corporate-branded template. This has saved valuable time, lowered costs and increased revenue for The Houston Chronicle.

Dallas Morning News launches Autos

- Using iPublish AdPortal integrated with cars. com, they are now successfully selling quarter, half and full-page ads, including position placement, into two different automotive products published by DMN Media. The dealer logs into iPublish AdPortal, chooses a package, and accesses their individual listings from to select what inventory they want to advertise and AdPortal builds the multiple listing ads for them. This application handles single car display ads up to a full-page ad with over 30 listings. This has proven very successful in driving increases in automotive advertising at a much lower sales cost.

The Toronto Star

- Which is the largest newspaper in Canada, signed an agreement with Wave2 late in the year. We are currently working with the Star to implement iPublish Classified, AdPortal and Marketplace. The Star will be using Wave2 for 100 per cent of their web order entry for all of their private party classified ads, obituaries from funeral homes and later in the year ROP for retail. Ads from all of the classified categories will be automatically transferred into their CCI AdDesk System for billing and pagination. Ads from both Wave2 and CCI will be searchable in iPublish Marketplace.

The Oklahoman Witnesses Great Gains with Obituaries

- The Oklahoman has been using iPublish AdPortal for nearly two years. They just completed their first full year with the Obituary category and are seeing spectacular results. Upon launch they introduced AdPortal Obituaries to their leading funeral home clients and are now experiencing a 74% self-serve rate. As a result they aren’t taking thousands of obits over the phone, email or by fax and are saving thousands of dollars in operational costs. As noteworthy as that is, the most surprising result has been a 35% increase in revenue from AdPortal obituaries versus the ones coming in through the call center which led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue in 2012. Looking ahead in 2013, the Oklahoman is looking at launching real estate.

Northwest Arkansas Newspapers, Inc.

- An operation jointly owned by Wehco Media and Stephens Media, signed an agreement with Wave2 late in the year. We are currently working with them to implement iPublish Classified and Marketplace. They will be using Wave2 for 100% of their web order entry for all of their private-party classified advertising. Ads from all of these categories will be booked into DTI for billing and pagination. Ads from both Wave2 and DTI flow seamlessly into iPublish Marketplace where they will be indexed and made searchable.

The Virginian-Pilot Launched Obituaries and Real Estate

- One of Wave2’s longest customer relationships just keeps on growing. The Virginian-Pilot wrote the book on selling display ads to small businesses using Wave2’s AdPortal and they are now using Wave2 for all of their private-party classifieds, celebrations, obituaries and real estate advertising. Using Wave2’s iPublish Classified, they are able to publish everything from the smallest liner ad all the way up to full page real estate ads. Since adopting Wave2’s AdPortal five years ago, The Virginian-Pilot has seen a consistent increase in revenue processed through AdPortal year over year.

Pioneer News Group Expands Markets Using Wave2

- Based on Idaho Press-Tribune’s success with AdPortal Obituaries, Pioneer News Group expanded their agreement with Wave2 and are now implementing AdPortal Obituaries in four new Pioneer markets; Ellensburg, Klamath Falls, Monticello and Pocatello. The Press-Tribune went live with obituaries in early 2012 and has recorded a 40% increase in obituary revenue. They use AdPortal for 100% of their obituaries and require funeral homes to use AdPortal when placing an obituary. AdPortal’s ease of use enabled them to take this position with the funeral homes to ensure a swift and complete adoption and great success.

North of Boston Media Group Launched Obituaries and Celebrations

- Part of CNHI, North of Boston Media publishes four daily and nine weekly newspapers in the suburbs of Boston. They were looking for a way to lower their operational costs and increase revenue in the obituary category. They went live with iPublish AdPortal within 30 days and transitioned 100% of their obituaries to iPublish AdPortal on day one. Funeral homes are required to use iPublish AdPortal to place an obituary. NOBMG enjoys sharp increases in obituary revenue and have met their goals for cost reduction. AdPortal Celebrations was launched shortly after Obituaries with similar results.

The Boston Globe Launched Obituaries, Legals and Celebrations

- Wave2’s very first US customer made a concerted effort in 2012 to transition more of their advertising to selfserve using iPublish AdPortal. They led with Obituaries early in the year followed by Celebrations. Their Celebrations revenue doubled as a result of going to a self-serve model. They concluded their efforts by launching Legal Notices later in the year. After five successful years with iPublish AdPortal, the Globe is planning a re-launch of small business retail and expanding AdPortal Real Estate in 2013. They have always been committed to self-service advertising with a long- range view to its effectiveness in growing revenue and lowering costs.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch Rolls Out iPublish Classified

- After a rich two year history with iPublish AdPortal, RTD expanded their already successful self-service strategy by adding Legals, Obituaries, Automotive and Recruitment. Immediately following these successful implementations, RTD will launch a complete private- party classified web order entry solution using iPublish Classified, which will include hundreds of sub-categories for private-party advertisers. All the ads will be built, rated and scheduled by iPublish Classified and passed over to an Atex Adbase system for billing and pagination.