Automated Publishing solutions Whatever you wish to publish, across whichever platform or media you choose, Wave2 software allows you to easily create and control corporate communications in-house. Our multi-channel publishing, marketing and advertising solutions make it easy to inform and engage current customers and to attract a brand new audience as well

At a glance:

  • Powerful and intelligent rules engine
  • Builds creative for mobile, online and print delivery
  • Platform independent, modular and scaleable
  • Rich set of integration tools
  • Incorporates Adobe Creative Suite technology
  • HTML5 support for mobile platforms
  • Automatic resizing feature
  • Powerful API (programmer’s interface)
  • Creates cross-platform ads and marketing material on demand
  • Saves costs by automating production

Wave2 Publishing Platform – Dynamic Publishing Engine

The creative driving force behind all Wave2 solutions

The Wave2 Publishing Platform is a rich media engine and automated creative platform that underpins our entire product range. Adhering to any specified design guidelines, it automatically produces professional creative for every media channel.

Incorporating Adobe InDesign, Flash, and Edge technology for digital, print and mobile products, the Wave2 Publishing Platform can create online banner ads, multiple page documents, newsletters, print display ads, right through to animated video presentations.

Being a powerful rules engine it operates automatically, emulating a skilled user at a keyboard and making use of a straightforward template facility that extends across all media formats for print, online and mobile. End users do not require specialist creative or technical skills, whilst significant time and cost savings are achieved by decreasing the complexity of multimedia creative production.
Automated creative platform that builds creative for mobile, online and print delivery
The Wave2 Publishing Platform is modular and highly scaleable making it perfect for publishers, agencies and media companies, both large and small. It comes supplied with a comprehensive suite of integration tools that allow for seamless, easy integration within existing IT infrastructures.

The standard Wave2 Publishing Platform is also equipped with a Configuration Tool that is used by designers to set up rules, and templates, plugins to Adobe Creative suite desktop products, and an Administration Tool which is a monitoring and reporting application for system administrators.

Finally, The Wave2 Publishing Platform is offered with a number of flexible payment options including a fully supported, hosted application or an outright purchase option under a standard, licensed software agreement. OEM arrangements are also available.

All told, The Wave2 Publishing Platform is a state of the art, cost-effective solution for media companies looking to automate the creative process and produce multi-channel advertising and business collateral on demand.