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Wave2 Expands it's Presence Within DC Thomson

Dundee-based media company DC Thomson has purchased Wave2’s market leading AdPortal solution. The new generation AdPortal3 system will be implemented across the Newspapers business. DC Thomson Group company Aberdeen Journals Ltd (Scot Ads and The Press and Journal) will also upgrade their existing Version 1 environment to the same level as part of the contract.

A DC Thomson spokesperson said, “AdPortal3 has a number of exciting new features that will benefit both the company and our advertisers. We look forward to working with the Wave2 team on the implementation and rollout of the new system.”

AJL implemented the Wave2 AdPortal and MarketPlace solutions in 2006. During that time, the website has helped to streamline the advertising workflow and acted as a revenue generator for both print and online advertising. Currently AdPortal is responsible for the booking of an average 4,350 adverts per week.

Wave2 Managing Director Chris Hodges added, “We have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with DC Thomson. In fact, much of the pioneering work for our original AdPortal solution was carried out with the staff at AJL. They were one of the very first publishers to introduce self-service advertising. We look forward to continuing to work with the team to innovate and see how we can further develop our solutions to help develop DC Thomson’s business.”

Wave2’s new generation AdPortal3 is being launched at this year’s IFRA Expo. An evolution of the highly successful AdPortal2, it introduces new “front end” architecture to allow a new level of versatile and configurable user journeys and presentation together with support for both web and mobile access.

In addition, a number of major new features have been introduced:

• HTML5 output to mobile devices
• Complete new user interface; highly configurable and customisable to allow publishers and media companies to achieve the perfect user experience for their particular advertisers.
• Powerful new “UpSell” features for increasing advertising revenue.
• Integrated AdServing with advertiser’s “Dashboard”.
• Enhanced edit and formatting facilities to provide advertisers a greater degree of control.
• Extended Rich Media support including the ability to create and book advertising for mobile delivery.

MarketPlace is an online advertising web site and listings engine with full search capabilities. MarketPlace is an out-of-the-box solution which can be configured to support multiple categories of advertisement including motors, restaurants, private sales, notices, as well as many others. The product can also support a full range of ads, including listings, lineage, semi-display, and video content.

Innovative features in MarketPlace include an alerts capability, which allows users to create a “needs” request if their search has proved unsuccessful. This means that the system can then alert the customer if an item matching their request becomes available at some point in the future. Alerts can consist of an e-mail, an automated message, or even a Tweet.

MarketPlace integrates closely with Google Maps, Google Ads and links with Facebook, Twitter and Delicious. It also is also capable of interfacing with a wide range of advertisement sources including Wave2’s own AdPortal.

About DC Thomson

DC Thomson & Co Ltd is a private company and one of the leading publishing houses in the UK. Our headquarters is in Dundee, Scotland, with a London base in Fleet Street. DC Thomson publishes newspapers, magazines, comics and books. The company also has interests in radio, printing, retailing and online services.