Automated Publishing solutions Whatever you wish to publish, across whichever platform or media you choose, Wave2 software allows you to easily create and control corporate communications in-house. Our multi-channel publishing, marketing and advertising solutions make it easy to inform and engage current customers and to attract a brand new audience as well

At a glance:

  • Highly flexible user experience, configuration and branding
  • Quick upload of artwork
  • Simple ‘drag and drop’ function alongside multiple ad layouts
  • One single solution for online, print and mobile
  • Multi-media support for video ads
  • Optional dynamic preview
  • Easy rework and rebook of previous ads
  • Online account creation and account management
  • Integration with 3rd party order taking, production and ad-serving systems
  • Significantly reduced production costs
  • Extended reach and effectiveness of ad campaigns

AdPortal - Trade Advertising

High volume, fully automated trade advertising solution

AdPortal’s self-service trade advertising solution is ideal for real estate and automotive professionals and allows high volume advertising bookings to be uploaded within an automated self-service advertising platform. It is also perfectly suited to product brand professionals whose advertising is based on high volume category layouts, for example, DIY products.

AdPortal’s trade advertising solution provides a vast selection of advertising formats and media channels in one fully automated system. It allows advertisers to distribute their advertisements to print, online and mobile with ease, extending the reach and impact of their campaigns.

Self-service trade advertising solution for real estate and automotive
For regional newspapers, AdPortal’s self-service trade advertising solution can accommodate huge advertising volumes, even during peak periods, and handles complex requirements with ease.

The solution offers real estate agents, motor dealers and product managers significant benefits and generates greater levels of customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, reduction in deadline pressure and a notable drop in production costs for both publishers and advertisers alike.